Romania at a glance: We invite all those who wish to explore 'unwalked paths' with unspoiled and wild nature, and off-the-beaten track destinations to experience our app. Explore Romania allows the traveller to ”discover the last wild corner of Europe... which gives you a sense of timelessness” (Prince Charles). It tells the story of a country which delivers a unique mix of Latin, Byzantine and Balkan cultures and traditions in the heart of Europe.

Since Romania has already peaked your interest, this app will let you uncover a flavour of Romania’s true authenticity, the wild of the Carpathians or the nearly untouched Danube Delta. Our cultural treasures, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the famous painted monasteries of Moldavia, are testament to a unique history, with a Latin heritage mixed with other great cultures of the continent.

Romania represents a less explored destination with preserved traditions, which are kept alive by our warm and generous rural communities. Look forward to greeting you on the trails of the Carpathian Garden!